Course Content :

  •   Introduction to data analysis using Python
  •   Use of Matplotlib library for graphical representations
  •   File handling capabilities
  •   Game development using PyGame library
  •   Object recognition – objects, animals, objects from videos using OpenCV
  •   Speech recognition
  •   Handwriting recognition
  •   XML file handling protocols
  •   JSON file handling
  •   Introduction to Data Science and Big Data using ApacheSpark
  •   Data Science Process
  •   Intro to Machine learning
  •   Scikit library and usage
  •   Supervised Learning – Classification, Regression models
  •   Un-Supervised Learning – Clustering, Dimensionality Reduction models
  •   Prediction and forecasting from the ML models
  •   High level views on other emerging ML models

Who will benefit?

This course is ideal for any student completing their undergraduate or postgraduate degree who is keen to pursue a career in the growing field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Project Outcome :

  •   Projects in Data science
  •   Prediction and Forecasting patterns in weather, stock markets, in recent Covid pandemic,
  •   Probability of an event happening
  •   Arriving in Real-time decisions
  •   Creating customer segmentation, sales forecasting
  •   Sentiment Analyser

60 Hours

Basic Python coding skills or must have completed the ‘Python Primer’ course.

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